Living Gluten Free – About Me

My name is Joanna Bruinsma I got diagnose with Celiac Diseases about 8 Years ago with not much symptoms, just blotting, fatigue, acid re-flux  and heartburn.

I found it hard in the beginning adjusting to a Gluten Free life trying to figure out what you can and can’t have, whats the best products the tastes good and what Cafes and Restaurants supply Gluten Free food. 

Throughout my blogs I will be posting what Gluten Free food brands, home cooking, baking, recipes, Cafes and Restaurants that work for me.  I am not a professional nor have a degree in food or medical i’m just an average Jo Blogs doing what i have always wanted to do Blog about food.

if you have any queries i will do my best to answer them and  suggestions on what works for you feel free to post them.